Visitor regulations

We would like to thank all visitors in advance for complying with the visitor regulations.

1. The area of ​​the castle ruins "Vítkův Hrádek" (Wittinghausen) is a cultural monument owned by the municipality of Přední Výtoň (Heuraffl). The area is located in the Bohemian Forest landscape protection area. Driving on the castle grounds with any motor vehicle is prohibited without the permission of the owner or operator.

2. Entry to the area is free, free of charge and also possible outside opening hours. Access to the interior of the castle ruins is only possible during opening hours and is subject to a fee. Use of the toilets is included in the entrance fee.

3. In the castle you can pay by card or cash in CZK or EUR. The current exchange rate will be communicated to you by the staff. Souvenirs and refreshments are available for sale at the castle. However, due to the remoteness of the location and the complicated delivery, the operator reserves the right not to offer these additional services in full and/or at all times.

4. Visitors are obliged:
- to comply with the visitor regulations
- to ensure order on the entire grounds and in the interior of the castle
- to ensure the safety of themselves, their children and/or other people and/or animals entrusted to them
- to follow the instructions of the operator, the organizer or the staff

5. Visitors are strictly prohibited from:
- light a fire in whole area without the permission of the owner or operator
- Use fireworks
- Dispose of garbage and cigarette butts outside the designated areas (trash cans, ashtrays).
- to camp or sleep on the castle grounds without the operator's permission
- To damage walls, palisades, masonry, to carry away and move stones
- Climb walls, palisades, masonry and ancillary buildings
- Entering places where construction or other materials are stored
- To enter places where archaeological or construction work is being carried out
- Touching exhibits, opening display cases, and manipulating fire extinguishers without justification

6. Entering the grounds and the castle is at your own risk and responsibility. Parents are responsible for their children. Children under 15 years of age are only allowed to enter the premises when accompanied by an adult who takes responsibility for them.

7. Persons who are under the influence of alcohol or other addictive or intoxicating substances, as well as visitors whose behavior disrupts peaceful coexistence, order, security and cleanliness, behaves aggressively or in a similar manner does not meet the definition of Those who conform to decent behavior are not allowed to enter the grounds, the castle and especially the viewing platform. In such cases, staff is entitled to refuse access.

8. Dogs (and other pets) are only allowed to enter the castle and the castle grounds when accompanied by their owner; the animal must be kept on a leash. The owner is responsible for any damage caused by the animal and for the disposal of its excrement. There is no fee for dogs and other animals.

9. In adverse weather conditions (strong wind, heavy rain, heavy snow, hail, thunderstorms, etc.), visitors are required to exercise particular caution, particularly with regard to falling branches or falling trees or falling loose pieces of masonry and/or walls.

10. Neither the operator nor the staff are liable for items left behind or forgotten, as well as for damage and injuries caused by visitors' own carelessness, as well as for damage or injuries caused by people or animals entrusted to them, as well as for damage caused by non-observance of the visitor regulations or by non-compliance with the instructions of the operator or staff.